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China Rural Water and Hydropower (CN 42-1419 / TV; ISSN 1007-2284) is co-sponsored by Wuhan University and China Irrigation and Drainage Development Center. The journal, founded in 1959, is a technological journal of water engineering. The journal is aimed to be informative, professional, instructive, systematic, accurate and practical. The publishing scope includes the academic research, engineering design, construction and management of Water conservancy and hydropower facilities, focusing on the research and publicity of technologies and the application of theories. The journal now has five columns: Farmland Water Conservancy, Hydrology and Water Resources, Water Environment and Water Ecology, Water Supply Engineering and Hydropower Construction. The journal keeps in step with the progress of scientific research projects such as National Natural Science Foundation Projects, Major National Science and Technology Projects and National Key R & D Plans, as well as major industrial projects such as Water Environment Management, Water-Saving Irrigation and Reconstruction of Large Irrigation Areas. The journal welcomes articles on topics mentioned above, not only reporting the latest scientific research trends, but also making contribution to the construction of water facilities.

The aimed readers are scientific researchers, technicians and managers engaged in rural water conservancy and hydropower or related fields. The journal is the one of the best water science journals in China in terms of citation frequency, annual web download and impact factors.

China Rural Water and Hydropower is indexed by Chinese Core Journals, Chinese Science and Technology Core Journals, Statistical Source Journal of the IF Annual Report of Chinese Academic Journals,World Journal Clout Index Journals and RCCSE Chinese Core Academic Journal. The journal has won the National Excellent Scientific and Technological Journal Award, the Excellent Scientific and Technological Journal Award of the Ministry of Water Resources and the China Journal Award, selected as the "Double High Journal" in the Chinese Journal matrix. The journal is also included in EBSCO and JST.

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