China Rural Water and Hydropower (CN 42-1419 / TV; ISSN 1007-2284) is co-sponsored by Wuhan University and China Irrigation and Drainage Development Center. The journal is a technological journal of water engineering. The publishing scope includes the academic research, engineering design, construction and management of water conservancy and hydropower facilities, focusing on the research and publicity of technologies and the application of theories. China Rural Water and Hydropower is a national (provincial and ministerial) Excellent Scientific and Technological Journal, and has won the "First National Journal Award". It is a “Double Excellence Journal” of the "Chinese Journal Matrix". It is indexed by “Chinese Core Journals”, “Statistical Source Journals of Chinese Scientific and Technological Papers”, and “Source Journals of The Comprehensive Evaluation Database of Chinese Academic Journals”.

The journal now has five columns: Farmland Water Conservancy, Hydrology and Water Resources, Water Environment and Water Ecology, Water Supply Engineering and Hydropower Construction.

The print copy price is RMB 480 per year, and RMB 40.00 per issue. The publishing date is on the 15th of each month. Subscription can be made via post offices all over China, postal issuing code 38-49. Foreign subscription can be made via China International Book Trade Corporation (Beijing 399 mailbox), the code is M4211. Subscription also can be made directly through the editorial office.

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